To be successful in an ever-changing marketplace, you need to update your approach. We can assist your team to evaluate business obstacles and provide guidance as the path is developed to address your business challenges.

Challenge 1:

There are unidentified conflicts in the organization. Company growth has stagnated. Profits are declining. Key employees have resigned. The underlying cause for the declines is unclear or unexpected due to substandard reporting.

Challenge 2:

Ownership wants to expand operations. Are new product or service offerings the answer? Acquire a company? In the same industry? In a different industry? Are new markets or geographic locations the way to go?

Challenge 3:

The business is losing money due to unused or underutilized capacity or issues you can’t pinpoint.

Challenge 4:

Ownership has no succession plan.

Challenge 5:

The company’s image and leadership in the industry has deteriorated. Your team has differing views on how to address the declines. You need to identify the weak links with analytics, in depth analysis and discussions.

Challenge 6:

Are your current business processes and procedures holding the company back?

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Assessment & Engagement

  • Suitability conference call
  • Prospect completes Ores Questionnaire and request for information
  • Review by Ores of the Questionnaire and information provided
  • Conference call with prospective client
  • Mutual agreement of engagement

Fact Finding

  • Information gathering
  • Analytics

Evaluation & Idea Generation

  • Identify key issues
  • Analyze issues & discuss alternative solutions
  • Documentation of above in detail

Focus & Selection

  • Determine action plan & assignments
  • Document detailed tasks
  • Finalize teams

Action Plan

  • Prepare project plan using project management tool
  • Assign tasks to teams & individuals


  • Begin action plan as adopted


  • Ongoing review to assess effectiveness of actions
  • Adopt changes to plan, as necessary.

Closure & Maintenance

  • Evaluate project results
  • Plan for ongoing maintenance and monitoring.
  • Close the project